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Beko BBL Weekly News 20: Bamberg signs Anton Gavel, but Chewbacca wants his beard back!

Beko BBL Weekly News 20: Bamberg signs Anton Gavel, but Chewbacca wants his beard back!

In this section, we break out our English language skills and inform you about the latest news from the German Beko Basketball Bundesliga. This week: Brose keep Fleming and Gavel but draw hammer-hard Euroleague group, a Patrick Ewing spotting in Bonn and the drama between Ulm and Braunschweig about about center prospect Daniel Theis.
If you’re short on time but still want your fill of Germany’s top basketball league then you are in the right place. Every Wednesday David Hein (www.heinnews.com) brings you up-to-date in German basketball – the Beko BBL short and sweet (for feedback and suggestions please email to Simon@Beko-BBL.de).

The Alpha Males: Brose fend off Fleming rumors, keep Gavel

Brose Baskets fans knew the rumors were just that, rumors. But still when head coach Chris Fleming was connected with Euroleague champions Olympiacos, Freak City freaks started thinking about checking into the crazyhouse. But the speculation subsided and Fleming is in Bamberg to stay for a while – though he could definitely have done the job.

1342019594/img_BekoBBLFinalsG3_211.jpgHis current workplace is still a work-in-progress looking towards next season. At least Fleming was able to lock up 2012 Beko BBL Defensive Player of the Year Anton Gavel to a two-year deal, just like Daniel Schmidt. Gavel’s due to get a German passport next January – which will be a big help personnel-wise.

Fleming, general manager Wolfgang Heyder and scouting boss Brendan Rooney still have plenty of work to do. Especially now that they know against whom they play in the Euroleague – Barcelona, CSKA Moscow, Partizan, Lietuvos Rytas and Besiktas. That’s one heck of a group with great games coming in the fall in Bamberg.

The Thriller: Kerusch ready to dunk into Dragons fans hearts

One player Bamberg were scouting hard was Sergio Kerusch, a high-flying Memphis-born small forward with a very valuable German passport. But instead of the double-threepeat winners, it was Artland Dragons who signed Kerusch to a two-year deal. Kerusch, who has a German father, crashed the European scene hard last season – his first after college – with his monster dunks, including this one over former Bamberg star and Euroleague champion Kyle Hines:

Lost and Found: Jenkins out in Bamberg, joins Oldenburg

Without sounding too Bamberg-centric, former BBL Finals MVP Julius Jenkins was released by Brose as they were looking for a more Euroleague-prevalent guard. But the two-time BBL champ wasn’t out of work long as he was snatched up by EWE Baskets Oldenburg, who also have picked up former Würzburg guard Chris Kramer, former German international Konrad Wysocki and former Trier point guard Dru Joyce (check out his famous seven three pointers and his unbelievable dancing skills - video below) for a strong nucleus for new head coach Sebastian Machowski.

The Drama: Ulm signs young talent Theis, Braunschweig challenge move

One of Germany’s top emerging young big men Daniel Theis is in the middle of a real battle. ratiopharm ulm announced the signing of the 20-year-old on a three-year deal. But former club New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig are considering legally challenging the move saying they had a valid contract with Theis – the third division ProB’s most effective player last season (check out the video below). The question is if Theis exercised his option at the end of last season or not. While the teams – and perhaps a court – figure it out, Theis will be trying to take gold at the U20 European Championship in Slovenia.

European Adventures: Will we get a Patrick Ewing spotting in Germany?

Don’t be surprised to see lots of New York Knicks fans flock to Telekom Baskets Bonn games this season. They will be hoping that their former hero Patrick Ewing makes an appearance overseas to watch his son Patrick Ewing Jr. play.

Ewing Jr. signed a one-year deal with Bonn for his first stop overseas after failing to establish himself in the NBA. The NBA’s loss is the BBL’s gain – especially if old man Ewing comes around Germany.

The Young Guns: Bayern snatch up Marin

Bayern Munich continue to work hard to build up their youth ranks and signed a high-level talent as they picked up 18-year-old point guard Mauricio Marin from ALBA BERLIN on a three-year deal. Marin was present in Bamberg for the BBL Finals between Brose and Ulm in early June along with star talent Paul Zipser. The 18-year-old Zipser has been connected with Bayern in the past and is still without a club for next season. Could playing with his friend Marin be the deciding factor? Stay tuned.
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