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The MVP diary from Ulm - ratiopharm center John “Big Country” Bryant:

The MVP diary from Ulm - ratiopharm center John “Big Country” Bryant: "You can’t go wrong with 007!"

MVP John Bryant talks about the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”, the road win in Cholet and the championship parade of his San Francisco Giants.

Most of the team went out and saw the new James Bond 007 movie “Skyfall”. They had a special showing for us – all of the Americans and Per (Günther) and Phil (Schwethelm) – at Dietrich Theater in Ulm. We don’t get to many movies here in Ulm because the English movies are really only shown Wednesday night. But they had a special screening on Thursday so that we could see it since we had a game on Wednesday. It wasn’t a private showing, they just had seats reserved for us for an extra showing. Someone from the team asked the theater if they could do it because they knew we wanted to see the movie. “Skyfall” is a good movie. You can’t go wrong with 007. Good action. Good car chases. Good movie. I’m definitely a 007 fan. That’s 50 years of 007 movies. The history of it is cool – just the different ways of bringing the old school into the new school and watching them play into each other. And the story is pretty cool too. I’ve seen pretty much all the recent ones – “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace” and “Skyfall”. I really haven’t seen the old ones with Sean Connery. I have seen ones with Pierce Brosnan as Bond, and then Daniel Craig as well. I like Pierce Brosnan better. But the new guy’s not bad. I just think Pierce Brosnan has the better Bond look.

In news from back home, my mom was showing me pictures of San Francisco and the parade the city had for the Giants after their World Series title. The parade went by her work and seeing pictures of that was crazy and all the videos of all the crazy stuff that goes on when people win championships. Man, the Giants have won two of the last three World Series. It’s really a baseball town, even though the San Francisco 49ers are doing well too.

We are playing better as a team too. We got Basti (Betz) back from injury and Steve (Esterkamp) and Keaton (Nankivil) are both healthy after their shoulder injuries. It’s good to have everybody back for our rotation and to really go hard in practice five-on-five. We have six wins in a row and are on a good roll. It was a good opportunity to go to Cholet and see how the Eurocup competition is going to go. It’s a huge step for us. We just want to keep the wins coming.

Cholet is a good team but they had two post players injured and we took advantage of that and got a good inside presence with all of our bigs contributing. The gym was fun to play in and it was a sold out crowd, making a lot of noise and yelling all the way to the end of the game. Their workers were very friendly. All of them wished us good luck before the game and told us “Good game” afterwards. We are happy we got the victory (93-71) because road wins in international play are tough. Overall it was a good road trip and a great way to break into European competition.

We had a long trip back home the morning after the Eurocup game. We just had the journey to and from Artland before that. There are definitely stories to be told about that. It’s a tough bus ride up there. Just the back roads you have to take and not the Autobahn - you just gotta go a little slower and there are more turns and it’s not as smooth. It’s definitely a long one for us. Coming back, it’s definitely better with a win. Everybody is in a better mood. We left the 8 p.m. road game at 11:15 p.m. and got back at 6:45 a.m. – just in time for the sunrise.

With that, I am off. Talk to you in two weeks, John Bryant
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