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The MVP diary from Munich – Big John Bryant:

The MVP diary from Munich – Big John Bryant: "We have that target on our back and teams are going...

Big John Bryant talks about Bayern opening eyes against Olympiacos; Berlin opening Munich’s eyes; the colder weather and river surfing in Munich.

Hi all Beko BBL and Bayern Munich fans, it’s starting to get cold here so I’m not digging the weather. Winter’s coming. I am kind of excited about it with Christmas time coming, but it’s definitely gonna be different when it starts snowing. I ride my bike to practice – kind of like LeBron James I guess. But I’m not gonna be able to do that when the weather starts getting bad. Other than that, I am looking forward to the holiday season. I like the Christmas markets. Those are always fun to just walk around and see all the people out and all the little trinkets and other little stuff you can buy.

"The Olympiacos game opened a lot of people’s eyes."

Before the Olympiacos Euroleague game, I talked about it being a statement game for us. It was kind of a message to everybody that we are a high caliber team with high caliber players and that we can play with some of the best teams in Europe. Olympiacos are the champs with the targets on their backs. We went in there and fought a good game and ended up coming up short. But we definitely fought until the end. That will open a lot of people’s eyes and really just respect us a little bit more. We are inexperienced as a club but there is a lot of experience on this team. That’s why we had such a good showing against Olympiacos.

Against Malaga, we showed again that we are a good team. You’re going to have runs and they’re a good team and fought back. But it’s our job to not let them get into the lead and just keep them down. I think we had one of our better performances there on the defensive end. That’s what kept us in the game and eventually got us the win.

"We really couldn’t find our rhythm on offense against Berlin."

Things didn’t go so well against Berlin. They had a great game plan and we didn’t play anywhere near the defense that we could have played. They stopped our transition game and had a good defensive scheme against us. We really couldn’t find our rhythm on offense. Playing in that arena with all those people, the Berlin players were just really excited and tried to prove a point. It’s going to be a different in our gym. But this is just a little bump in the road and we have to learn from it. That’s what great players do and we have a lot of great players on our team. It’s going to open our eyes and make us realize that you can’t get complacent.  We need to put in that extra effort - that 110 percent instead of that 100 percent. That’s something that the game really showed us. Teams are going to put in that extra effort against us because they want to beat us and we have that target on our back.

Walking around Munich recently, I noticed the Eisbach part of the Isar River and the river surfing in the English Garden. I can’t remember who told me about it, but I checked it out. I’ve always been around water from living in California. Water sports are something that I’ve always enjoyed and it kind of reminded me of home. Seeing something like that in the middle of Germany is pretty cool. I just sat there a while, just checking them out. The water definitely looks a little colder than in California, but it looked like they were having a lot of fun out there. I had a good time watching them. And it’s perfect waves too – it’s got a little lip on it with a couple of woop-di-doos in it, so they can just play around in it. It looks like a lot of fun. Not necessarily for me, though I do want to learn how to surf. It’s been on my bucket list for a while now but I’ve never had the chance.

That’s it for now. Talk soon and all the best, John

Und hier noch ein Video der von John erwähnten Isar-Surfer:

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