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The MVP diary from Ulm - Big John Bryant: „I was talking trash to Thorsten Leibenath the whole...

The MVP diary from Ulm - Big John Bryant: „I was talking trash to Thorsten Leibenath the whole...

This time John Bryant talks about the exciting ALLSTAR Game, winning the MVP award, talking trash with his coach and Per Günther dunking on him.

The All-Star Game was a lot of fun. It was tough for the National team in the first half. We hit a bunch of shots and they were not making any shots. That happens sometimes in an All-Star Game. You don’t get in a rhythm and don’t feel it. They came back and knocked down some big shots. Jan Jagla hit I don’t even know how many threes, made some lay-ups and had some good passes. I’m just happy that we got the win and won my second game with the International Team.

The MVP award is a great honor. All these players on both of these teams were able to get the award. Sometimes your shot just falls and you’re in the right place at the right time. I had 19 points but we also had DaShaun Wood with 18 points and Dwayne Anderson with 17 points. So the difference was just one shot. It was just more my night tonight and I’m happy that I got it. It’s really a great honor.

In the first half I nailed a couple of threes and was looking over at the National Team bench. That was for my coach Thorsten Leibenath. Nearly the whole time since we figured out who was on the All-Star teams, he kept saying I wouldn’t make a single three in the All-Star Game. He gave the green light to the other guys to hack me and put me to the free throw line. That’s why I was talking trash to him the whole week. During practice just doing little follow-through and shot motions. I wanted to come in and make a couple of threes and shove it in his face a little bit – of course with some fun.

And then there was the dunk by Per Günther. We tried to come up with something crazy, something to really wow the fans. Man, Per has hops! You can’t underestimate the little guy. We see him dunk in practice a couple of times. It was just a fun time. I’m happy that he got the dunk. It’s just that he made it.

Thanks for coming out and supporting us. Catch you in two weeks. Best, John Bryant
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