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The MVP diary from Ulm - Big John Bryant:

The MVP diary from Ulm - Big John Bryant: "Oldenburg or Bonn - We can’t wait to get to Tuesday!"

Beko BBL MVP John Bryant talks about seeing Iron Man 3 with the team, getting Per Günther to dunk, sweeping Artland and the Beko BBL semi-finals.

Hi all, we saw Iron Man 3 the other day. It was pretty good. I’m a big Iron Man fan. The storyline was a little weird but there was definitely some shoot ’em up, bang bang. It was definitely entertaining, though the ending was kind of a letdown. This one was definitely the worst of the three – the first one was the best. Still, it was a good film and I’m glad we went to watch it. Everyone on the team is pretty much an Iron Man fan, so everybody on the team went. And it was a lot of fun having everybody there – a good time.

I heard about this Facebook campaign with Per Günther and his “White Men Can’t Jump” with Allan Ray and Lance Jeter. Man, you guys better get those clicks up. I can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do. I don’t even know what they’re planning, nobody is talking about it to me. I seem to remember Per dunking at practice so it will be interesting to see. Per didn’t dunk in Game Two against Artland, but man, 35 points. Crazy. Didn’t see that one coming. It was his game, the whole game. He was hitting one-footed jumpers and threes, and when the shot clock was running down, we’d clear out and he’d get to the lane. Just big time plays by a big time player. He’s definitely grown as a player in my three years here that I’ve seen him. He just wants to win. We got to the finals last year and he didn’t want to go back to Artland. That’s a long trip for us. It was just the combination of everything coming together and having that hot hand – and we just got him the ball. That’s the best thing about our team. We have guys who can light it up from every position. It’s just a matter of who has the hot hand.

It was beautiful to get the sweep. The number one thing was the travel, just going up there. We take the flight up there and then the bus back. It was great to have all this time off. We had a couple days off and a chance to just get away and chill and relax. It re-motivated everybody, now we have the semi-finals, let’s get back to work. We’re practicing hard right now. Whoever we play – Oldenburg or Bonn – will be tired after a Game Five. But it will also be a good thing for them, that they’re still in the rhythm. We just have to use our freshness against their tiredness, and they’ll use their rhythm against our not playing for 10 days. It’s just going to be a battle of wills, but it will be good to have them tired and us ready to go. I’d rather fight getting back into rhythm than being tired and not able to make plays. We can’t wait to get to Tuesday.

Briefly about both teams I guess. If we get Oldenburg, they will have home court advantage, which will be tough for us. That’s another long road trip. They have good bigs inside with Chubb and Burrell and good guard play with Joyce, Jenkins and Paulding. So, they’re definitely a dangerous team. We’ve beaten them twice this season but they’re dangerous and it’s playoff time, so everyone will be playing playoff basketball. With Bonn, it would be huge for us because we then have home court advantage. We’d be at home on Tuesday and they’d have to travel to our place after just getting back from Oldenburg. It will be a tough road for them but we lost to them twice in the season so it will be anybody’s game. I’d still rather have home court advantage than going to Oldenburg twice. Whoever it is though, we’ll be ready to play.

Sorry to see Sebastian Betz go down. He’s kind of our energy guy off the bench. He always gives 110 percent. He can knock down shots and go in and get offensive and defensive rebounds. And also his defense – taking charges and being one of our physical guys on the court at the guard position – I think it will be a big loss, especially with a short rotation. He was definitely a solid guy we could put in and it’s definitely something we will feel. On the other hand, we did get Keaton Nankivil back. He’s a great shooter and that time off really gave his shoulder some rest and he’s ready to go.

Looking back at last year’s playoffs, I don’t think we will be doing any playoff beards or anything like that this year since it didn’t work out last time. I think everybody’s just going to keep doing whatever they’ve been doing the whole year. Just keep it rolling and not change anything up. Have to say though, Per’s pornstache last year was classic. We do have Omar Samhan with his orange hair though. First there was the Mohawk, and then the lady who did it said he should dye it orange. He thought about it a while and a couple days later, there was the orange hair. He likes to keep it interesting.

Well, playoffs start back up for us on Tuesday. Have fun watching. Best, John
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